Welcome Ernie!

After our cat Jack died, I swore I'd never get another cat. Jack was pretty much perfect - jumbo sized, slow moving, orange, easy to handle, mellow, not demanding, and FABULOUS with the dogs. How could any cat top that? But a cat-free home wasn't in the cards for us. A few weeks ago my... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

Last week was a hell of a week. On Sunday we had to say goodbye to my beloved Joe. It was sudden, expected, and made my heart hurt. His passing was, however, peaceful and he was surrounded by the people who love him most. The whole house grieved. Bella and Roo took his passing the... Continue Reading →

Where has all the summer gone?

This summer has flown by. We've spent a fair amount of time at the pool learning to swim. We spent even more time hiking and discovering new spots. Sioux has finally gotten to a point where we can start comp. obedience class. To say I'm excited is the understatement of the century. I SO hope... Continue Reading →

The Philanthropy Project

My job has some pretty cool dog mom perks. In addition to being able to bring a dog or two into the office occasionally, I get to work on and direct the philanthropy project. I am so fortunate to work for a company who puts their money where there mouth is, so to speak, in... Continue Reading →

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