No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

I have always shared my bed with dogs. I know, I know, there’s plenty of evidence out there that says sharing your bed with dogs is bad for their behavior (and quite possibly your health), but I don’t care. I like snuggling my dogs and, so far, nobody has gotten sick or started behaving badly because of it.

Blueberry, my spirit dog, slept with me every day of her life.

I think the one thing we’ve done right (hopefully not the only thing, hahaha) is teach the dogs that they have to be invited onto the bed. This is good for two reasons: first, it means that five dogs won’t come flying up the stairs and jump on a poor unsuspecting sleeping human. Second, it means that if they ask to come up and I say no, then that’s ok. There’s always plenty of dog beds around, so if denied access to my bed, they still have a comfy place to sleep.


Ultimately, only one or maybe two small dogs sleep on the bed at night – it’s way too crowded otherwise and I don’t like waking up sore after sleeping in a pretzel position. Naps, however, are a different story. Often time most, if not all, of the dogs nap on the bed with us. Roo is the lucky one – he sleeps on our bed every night.



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