LRK3DE Recap

We’re finally back and recovered from our trip to Kentucky. Just Roo and I went as it was a trip for work. This particular event – The Land Rover Kentucky 3 Day Event (LRK3DE) – requires a lot of walking and meeting a lot of different people and dogs, so Roo was the perfect companion! The rest of the tribe stayed home with our phenomenal dog sitter and grandpa (my dad).

We have the same hair...
We have the same hair…

People always laugh when I say bringing a little, cute, outgoing dog to an event is good for business, but it’s true. If I am doing a set up and dogs are allowed, I ALWAYS bring a dog because even if someone doesn’t initially want to talk to me or be “sold” to, they will definitely want to talk to Roo! It also helps that he is almost always doing something cute/ridiculous. Case and point: I had a meeting in a low traffic area at a booth that clearly hadn’t been busy. The sales people were sitting, legs crossed chin in their hand staring at their phones, an obvious sign that they were bored, traffic and sales were slow. Nothing about their body language signaled high energy any energy and frankly, nothing about the booth was in any way inviting. Roo and I arrived for our meeting and in the 20 minutes we were there, no less than 10 people stopped to pet him and ask what type of dog he was. Roo would greet them, do a cute little army crawl (he loves to be the star of the show), and the humans would have a brief interaction. Some of the people would come into the booth to shop, some would ask about the product, a couple of them pet Roo and walked away. But the takeaway is this: little Roo was able to engage more customers and get them into the booth than the 3 sales people in the short time we were there. Maybe I should start renting him out as a sales dog!

If you’ve never been to LRK3DE (FKA RK3DE) and live near Lexington KY, go! You don’t have to be a “horse person” to able to appreciate cross country day (Saturday) because it’s exciting enough to keep even the casual fan interested all day. The best part is that well behaved/under control dogs are allowed, so you can bring your best furry friend too!

Roo and I had plenty of time and daylight (it gets dark a whole hour later in KY than it does in MA!) in between meetings to watch some of the actions, walk around the cross country course, and checkout the food trucks.

The ride home was full of snacks and snores.
The ride home was full of snacks and snores.

Walking to cross country course was our favorite part of the weekend, although I had some serious blisters afterwards! Roo was exhausted on the ride home – his little legs walked almost 15 miles over two days! I always pack a Draped in Health Blanket for me, but he slept on it most of the time. The Celliant® helped him recover quickly and he loved having something soft to snuggle with in his car seat. Surprisingly, he ate most of his kibble throughout the trip (usually he doesn’t eat well on the road), so he didn’t loose any weight.

Next year, if I have the opportunity to go again, I really hope to bring Sioux. I think it would be a wonderful test to see just how far she’s come with her training.

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