Tear Stain Tribulations

Tell me everything you know about tear stains.

Clementine has them and here’s what we know about them so far:

1. They’re allergy related. They completely disappear in the winter and don’t start again until there’s grass.

2. Benadryl doesn’t help. It does help with her sneezing but not with runny eyes. It makes her sleepy which isn’t great but it’s better than congestion.IMG_0283

3. The vet says not to worry. I have brought her in several times for them (she’s my first light colored dog and I’m paranoid) and the vet says she’s perfectly fine. She also said if they really bother me to wipe her eyes more frequently. I do, it doesn’t help really but it does annoy her after awhile. She is also bathed weekly and I wipe her legs down every night (her legs were itchy last year- also a suspected grass allergy).

Suggestions? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Things that have worked for you in the past? We’re all ears.


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