New Foster Dog: Matt

Brandy has (much to Nick’s dismay) gone to her new home. We picked up our new foster who very well could be her brother. Matt is basically Brandy except a little older, male, and different colors. Same size, same build, same love for people.

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Here’s what we know about Matt so far:

Eating is his FAVORITE! He’ll eat anything, any time, any place. If you’re in the kitchen, he is too. If you open the fridge, his head is in there. Sometimes I’ll even catch him sitting in the kitchen just looking longingly at the food bowls on the counter.

Dogs are OK, but he’d rather have people. Although he’s cordial with other dogs, wrestling and sniffing butts aren’t high on his priorities list. Toys aren’t really high on the priorities list either.

However napping and car rides are on the top of the priorities. Although he’s not going to be anyone’s running buddy, a walk or jaunt across the field is nice sometimes.

Matt has very nice manners. He can sit on command (sometimes he just sits anyway while awaiting instruction) and is learning patience when going through thresholds. He gives lots of kisses and comes when called (although he’s still not 100% what his name is). He doesn’t complain about being crated and is house trained.

Matt can be a little shy at first but once he loosens up he’s a very friendly guy.

The hard facts: 2 years old, pit/rotti(?) mix, approx 30 lbs, neutered, OK with dogs, not cat or kid tested.

Matt’s ideal home would most likely be as an only dog in an adult only home (or maybe on with older kids who don’t move fast). He’s medium energy so someone who wants to go on some walks and occasional adventures would be perfect. Also, someone interested in doing tricks or obedience training would have a blast with Matt!

If you’re interested in Matt, fill out an application with Beastly Rescue:

Beastly Rescue is based in Brooklyn, NY but we’re in southeastern MA, so Matt can be adopted pretty much anywhere in New England!

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