Welcome Ernie!

After our cat Jack died, I swore I’d never get another cat. Jack was pretty much perfect – jumbo sized, slow moving, orange, easy to handle, mellow, not demanding, and FABULOUS with the dogs. How could any cat top that?

But a cat-free home wasn’t in the cards for us. A few weeks ago my best friend surprised me with a 4 week old orange and white kitten. I couldn’t possibly turn this blue eyed tiny ball of fuzz away. I mean look at him.

Image from iOS (1)

I figured hey, at least he’ll be a cat to keep pests out of the house and serve as a test cat for future fosters.

Sioux was afraid of him. Bella seemed to roll her eyes at me. Clem just ignored him. But Roo promptly fell in love.

Image from iOS (2)

It’s very clear that Roo is following in Joe’s cat-loving footsteps. He is nurturing, almost motherly to the kitten whom we have decided to call Ernest. Yes, after the Oscar Wilde title.

Image from iOS

We call him Ernie for short.

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