Nick has been asking for a lab since we met. I am admittedly NOT a lab person – hounds, pugs, and sassy/complex personalities tend to be more appealing to me. But in the last few years I’ve had some really challenging dogs come my way and, after seeing how fun it was to have an “easy” dog again with Roo, I started softening to the idea of a lab. (Note: I am fully aware that breed is in no way an indicator of how “easy” or “difficult” a dog will be. Those words are subjective and have a lot to do with a person’s lifestyle, what they expect to do with and of a dog, and the dog’s personality as an individual.)

As I shared in my 2018 recap, right before Christmas I decided to help a senior dog and unfortunately we lost him just before New Years. On our way back from the animal hospital, Nick looked at me and said “can we finally get a lab NOW?”.

A horsey friend of mine has an exceptional lab that I really liked and I knew she had ties to his breeder so I decided to ask some questions. It just so happened that his breeder had a yellow male (my ideal choice) available AND that she would be coming to Massachusetts all the way from Texas in the next few weeks. It was all just a little too perfect.

I talked to Nick and the only real question became what on earth to we call the tiny, chubby, sun spot? The breeder will do his registration papers so we had to give him a name sooner than later. After much deliberation, we decided on Benjamin, Ben for short. Roo Frank has many names, one of which being Franklin, so it seemed fitting that his new underling should have a related name. And who wouldn’t want to yell “Ben Franklin!” at random points throughout the day and night?

StarQuest’s Hello Mr. President is Ben’s registered name.

image from ios (4)

He’s settling in well and making friends. Roo thinks he’s a hoot.

image from ios (3)

And he’s already started learning new things! He’s shown us he’s very smart and I have no doubt we’re going to have a lot of fun with him.

image from ios (2)

Welcome home, Ben!

image from ios (1)

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