NW1’s and ORTs

First a little exciting nose work news – Sioux passed her Odor Recognition Tests the beginning of June and Roo Frank was accepted into his NACSW NW1 trial in July! I couldn’t be more proud of them and I can’t wait to compete with them.

The most majestic beast will get his first shot at an NW1 title in July!

With a little over a month to prepare for Roo’s NW1 trial, I’m a little torn on how to structure his training plan. He’s had a full month off and isn’t scheduled to trial again until July 13 (a Performance Scent Dog trial), which will mean he will have had a full two months from trials. We don’t typically practice much at home with him (he’s very sensitive and sometimes it does more harm than good), but we have been able to practice a little the last week or so and he’s been very positive. I’m cautiously optimistic.

One of the things I’ve been working on with both dogs is using a toy as a reward. It’s been going well, although finding the right toy was a challenge at first.

Wish us luck!

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