The Triumphant Return from Maryland

After her NW1 victory in September, Sioux and I took a break from trialing for awhile. We focused on exercise, play, and just being a dog. Sioux and Frank did a few local trials, and we took a complete break from nose work over the holidays for a month. During that break, I took a chance and entered Sioux in and NW2 in MD… and we got in!

Fast forward a few months to trial day. Our last few practices hadn’t been great so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. We also had to stay at a hotel the night before (the trial was approx. 8 hours from our home), so I wasn’t sure how that would effect Sioux. I’m thrilled to report that Sioux absolutely ROCKED it! Only four out of 39 dogs passed all five searches and Sioux was one of them. She also won the interior searches and ended up placing third overall in the trial. Quite amazing results considering how uncertain I started out. Maybe Sioux knew all along what I was up to and where we were going. After all, it seems like dogs know everything.

We did it!

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