Ellie + Mr. Burns

I don’t know how so many months managed to sneak by without an update, but here we are. So much has happened! Sioux and I made a very unsuccessful NW3 attempt – although it did cement in my brain that she is NOT a hot weather dog – and we became a foster home for SNORT Rescue.

Our first fosters of 2020 are through SNORT, and they came in the form of a bonded pair of Boston Terriers. Ellie and Mr. Burns are 13 and 10 years old (respectively) and still very much full of life. While Mr. B is pretty much ready to hit the adoption floor with no restrictions, we’re still figuring out some medical stuff with Ellie. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious and SNORT is sparing no expense to get her excellent care. These two victims of divorce have found a very nice landing spot that feels more like summer camp than foster care.

I’m not 1000% convinced these two are a bonded pair. Ellie has taken quite a liking to Ben, and Mr. Burns loves chumming around with Frank and Sioux. If that isn’t a testament to their personalities, I don’t know what is. Ellie is basically a lab in a BT body – laid back, unphased, flowing through life as easily as water. Mr. B likes things a little more organized, but is full of energy and snuggles. I joke that our yard often looks like the stage of a broadway musical with the dogs running back and forth. They don’t chase each other, it’s more like running just for the enjoyment of running… but sometimes they all do it at once! If I ever get it on video, I’ll share it.

I’d be lying if I said having a full house didn’t feel good. I like have a mess of dogs walking and flopping about. Nobody is ever alone or without a good friend and that’s such a nice feeling at a time when many of us feel terribly isolated for one reason for another. It’s great to see the pack function as it should – the new dogs being absorbed in, any lingering uncertainty fading away, and two new balanced dog emerging. They eat, sleep, snuggle, groom, explore, exercise, do whatever together as one. Age, infirmity, phenotype – none of it matters to them. They all come together as one.

The house will be sad when Ellie and Mr. Burns leaves, but that’s always the plan. They’re fine dogs and their final families will be lucky to have them. And when they are ready to leave, we can turn the no off on our neon “no vacancy” light again.

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