State of our Union

It’s been half a year give or take since I’ve had a minute to write. So many things have changed, so I’m going to give you a summary of changes.

  • Mr. Burns was adopted to a lovely family. I was super sad to see him go and miss him very much, but I know he’s living like royalty.
  • Ellie’s health had some unexpected and complicated issues. She has remained a SNORT forever foster and they opted to move her to a long term foster home in upstate NY. I don’t doubt that she will live out the rest of her days happily.
  • Right before Thanksgiving, Blackberry Brandy Vom Logan Haus (or Brandy for short) joined our crew. Bred by Logan Haus Kennel, she’s a working line, field type black labrador and we are THRILLED to have her. She is no doubt going to be an up and coming nose work star.
Meet Blackberry Brandy Vom Logan Haus.
  • Right before Christmas, Brandy broke her elbow (Salter Harris fracture IV) after a collision with a stationary object. She had a surgery to repair it and we are 3 weeks out from her final set of x-rays. She feels and looks great, albeit desperate to do wild, high-energy puppy things. Crate rest has been very hard for both of us, but we’re mottling through with the help of x pens, rubber mats, and lots of toys.
  • Shortly after New Years, Sioux passed away. It was sudden, unexpected, and very difficult to take. We all grieve in our own ways an the dogs did (except for Brandy – she was blessedly on crate rest and seemingly unaware). It’s incredibly bizarre to not have her around and it’s hard to adjust to our new normal… mainly because it isn’t normal just yet.
Our last family picture.

So that’s what has been going on here. Some happy things, some very sad things. But we’re all trying our best to adjust and see the glass half full. I have been doing a lot of training with Brandy (what her rehab will allow for) and have also discovered some awesome puzzle toys. My goal is to write up those experiences and product reviews soon! I do hope that 2021 will have me writing more in this space, and not solely as part of my job. Writing for oneself – without deadlines or metrics – can be a cathartic experience and I think I need more of those especially now.

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