The Animal Communicator

Years ago, a horse friend of mine divulged that she occasionally called on an animal communicator to talk to her horses. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a go. I’m so glad I did!

I used Jana Wagner and did 30 minute conversations with Brandy in February, Calando (our horse) in March, and Walter and Frank in June. I had different motivations for each session, but here’s a little of what each of the dogs had to say.


My original motivation for booking a session was to talk to Brandy before she went in for her final X-rays. I wanted to explain to her what happened, why she had just spent what must have seemed like forever restricted, and see how she felt about the situation. And about me. Would she resentful? Would she understand?

The session was the day before we went for final X-rays. Jana was able to find her right away, and Brandy was excited to talk to her (Brandy and excited to communicate with everything, so this wasn’t surprising). She said that she felt fine, her leg felt fine, and she somewhat understood the confinement. She was not afraid of going into the vet’s office alone (at that time, no owners were allowed into the vet offices, so she had to do all her puppy appointments and surgical follow-ups on her own). Brandy told Jana that she knew I had big plans for her and that she was going to try to be everything I hoped she would – just give her some time to get over her puppy brain. Jana described her as very smart, organized, and willing to do just about anything. At one point in the conversation, Jana said she likes something white that you’re giving her… she’s calling it an onion but it can’t be an onion…

It was a marshmallow! Brandy loves marshmallows in her kongs.


I know, I haven’t introduced Walter yet. I promise I’ll write his whole story (it’s a good one). The basics are this: he is a 6 year old rescue French Bulldog for Friends with Four Paws in NYC. He had IVDD (has been in a wheel chair for 3 years) but aside for being rear-end paralyzed, perfectly healthy. I adopted him in April and he has fully embraced pack/barn life – he flys around everywhere in his wheels (even nose work class!).

For Water, my main goal was to see if he was having any pain, if he likes living with us, and to see if I could learn a little more about his past. I also wanted to explain to him why he goes to a special dog sitter when I have to travel. Jana found Walt to be a bit more reserved, but he wasn’t shy about telling us how much he loves being here.

Walt refers to me as “Mama” (no other dogs has a specific name for me) and he likes looking at me (which I can attest to because he is always gazing at me. Like always. It’s adorable.). He says his care routine is great, he doesn’t have any pain, and he likes how his new fitter/trimmer body feels. He likes going out in the world and having new experiences because nobody has ever really expected him or allowed him to do things and think for himself before. He explained that in the past, people had made him feel bad about having accidents and that hurt his pride. We told him that we understand and he shouldn’t feel upset about that here. He likes eating raw, loves looking out the window and riding in the car, and enjoys his canine siblings. He was confused about the horses – he thought they were bulls – and is still learning the finer points of canine behavior, but he wanted us to know he is trying and is a work in progress. When we talked about Joanna, our marvelous dog sitter, he said he understands 100% that when he stays with her it is vacation/time to see his buddies. He also says she takes very good care of him and I shouldn’t worry about his special needs when I am away – she knows how to care for him just right. Most importantly, he understands that he is not being abandoned and recognizes us as his family.


Frank was much quieter than I imagined. Since Sioux’s passing, he has taken up her mantle as resident good dog. He leads the others, shows them how to act, and is happy being my right hand man. We talked a bit about food and why he can be picky – turns out he really doesn’t like hard or crunchy food. He prefers saw and LOVES sardines! Frank likes all the dogs in the house. He likes taking time to show Walt new things and helping Brandy learn how to be a good best friend. He wanted me to know that he likes teaching other dogs, and if I am having a communication problem with a dog, let him help. I let him know he’s doing a great job with both of them. I also wanted to ask him if he remembers his brothers (he was one of a litter of 5 brothers that was flown over from Puerto Rico). He says he remembers them, but we are his family. He is also glad that we only adopted him – he found that his littermates didn’t always see eye to eye (interesting!). Frank told me he understood I was working from him and not unemployed (guess the occasional !??! gave me away…).

I know I haven’t posted in awhile and I promise more updates regularly. But know that we are here, living our best pack lives. šŸ™‚

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