My Left Hand is Useless

Joe and I have taken several classes together (some basic obedience to pass his Canine Good Citizen's test and a tricks class to get his AKC Novice Trick Dog title). Recently we started taking a competition obedience class and all I can say is wow. Pet obedience and competition obedience are VERY different! We've been... Continue Reading →

It’s vacation time: Do you know where your dogs are?

I've been MIA for the past couple weeks for good reason - my sister's wedding! I had a fantastic time (it was a destination wedding on a beach - how could I NOT have a good time?) but knowing that I would be out of the country for almost a week and completely dogless made... Continue Reading →

Roll Call

First posts are always overwhelming to write. I want to write everything down all at once so that you can know all the entire backstory of my pack and how we came to be. Even though I'd like to write a novel about each of us, I'll skip the writer's diarrhea as I like to... Continue Reading →

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